Event : Investment Strategies
Category: Lectures
Date: 3/7/2019
Time: 12:00 PM
City: Camden
State: Maine
Location: Camden Public Library

Investment Strategies: More To It Than You Think!


"Investments" are more than what you put in the stock market. Investments are everything in your life which is exposed to the economy -- your house, your job, your cash, your bank account. Everything is an investment. Twin Shores Wealth Management will offer a free informational session on "Investment Strategies: More To It Than You Think!" at the Camden Public Library on Thursday, March 7, 12:00 noon to 2:00 pm. Lunch and beverages are provided – please contact the library at 236-3440 if you are interested in attending. This session is the second in a series offered by Twin Shores Wealth Management.


They say, "Over the past 20 years the average investor has earned 2.11% on their investments. This is lower than inflation (the rising cost of living) over the same time period. Why? Why are investors earning less than inflation? In a world bombarded with information, news, and financial markets run by supercomputers causing higher highs, and lower lows, how do you take a step back, look at your full financial picture and put together an investment strategy which aligns with your financial goals and gives you peace of mind? You have to adapt to the times and unlearn everything we were taught about investing, the markets, the economy."


The session will be presented by Twin Shores Wealth Management's CEO, Tim Nihill, and Sarah Voda, Director of Sales. The session is informational only, there are no sales at the event. Come learn more about investing in today's world and strategies to help you invest through the noise. The session is open to all interested in learning more and is an open forum for conversations and questions.

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