Arts in Camden

The Arts are Alive and Well in Camden 

At the end of the day, after taking in the extraordinary outdoor activities Camden has to offer, you can experience some of the area’s world class performing arts.
The Camden area boasts a wide array of performances, including a Shakespeare Festival, a resident repertory theatre, orchestral and choral music, dance, children’s programming, and more. On any given night, you are likely to find an entertaining and uplifting performance to suit your tastes, many within walking distance of downtown Camden.
The Camden Opera House was built in 1894, and was once the tallest building in Knox County. Willis Carleton, a lifelong resident of Rockport decorated the interior, including stereo relief gold and white on the stage arch, balcony front, and loge boxes. The auditorium itself measures 36 feet by 33 feet and boasted a kitchen, ticket office and checkroom to the left of the main landing; on the right were individual rooms. Opening night, June 6, 1894 featured the Boston Opera Company’s performance of "Maritama,” a grand ball with music by the company orchestra, and dessert in the Banquet Hall. W.P. Gould waited in line for three hours to have the honor of buying the first ticket. Today, you can see a variety of shows year-round, including concerts, films, dance, and community events. 
The Camden Shakespeare Festival produces three weeks of plays each summer, chiefly in the beautiful, historic Camden Amphitheatre, which has been home to outdoor theatre for 75 years. Other theatre activites worth seeing include the Everyman Repertory Theatre and the annual musical at Camden Hills Regional High School. Bay Chamber Concerts in Rockport is a well-respected music school and concert provider.
This just a sampling of what we have to offer. In fact, we have visitors who plan their trip to the area around the performing arts – imagine that. (And while they’re here they can’t help but to do some hiking and sailing as well…) 
We hope to see you as the curtain goes up!

Camden Shakespeare Festival

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