If you want to experience what it tastes like when farm-to-table culture becomes the norm for an entire region, come to Camden. Fresh, local and seasonal is the standard, and fine dining abounds.

Camden is part of Maine’s Mid-Coast, which boasts more restaurants per capita than any place in America. Foodie culture isn’t just a seasonal hobby here. Ninety-one percent of restaurants in the region are open year-round. Our restaurant community includes decorated and credentialed chefs, many of whom own their restaurants, including six James Beard semifinalists and award winners and several alums of the Culinary Institute of America.

Both our restaurant community and our local farming and fishing communities are passionate about small-scale, sustainable food production, and the extraordinary flavor that results from this approach. Camden’s dining options will upend your expectations of typical seaside fare. Lobster and seafood are plentiful and extraordinary here, but you will find equally remarkable local pork, beef, lamb, poultry and water buffalo.

You can enjoy waterfront and outdoor dining, take in live music at a gastropub, or experience a variety of international cuisines ranging from French to Thai. Whatever option you choose, you will find creative and nuanced preparations.

Make these local and seasonal foods part of your dining experience in Camden:

Fiddlehead ferns (the furled fronds of a young fern)

available in late April & May


late May & early June


available in late July & August


September & October

Winter squash

many varieties available throughout the fall

Maine Maple syrup

available all year round